Pillows can truly do a little of everything in your home. They help create a soft place to land, they add a pop of color or texture, and they can elevate a tired couch or dated bedding to new heights. Regardless to say, Pillows are a crucial part of décor and comfort. Whether it's your bedspread, couch or even floor, pillows and cushions are an integral part if you talk about laying back and relaxing. 

But what’s inside the pillow is equally important! After all, a mere pillow cover holds a minimal role. It’s the high-quality pillow insert, that gives life to your pillow. 

high-quality pillow insert

What exactly is a pillow insert? 

Pillowcases are the fillings inside your cushions and pillows that give shape and support to them, keeping them intact and fluffy. 

The pillow insert is the form that goes inside your pillow cover. It’s can be made from different materials feathers, down alternative filling, foam, or a polyfill material.

The best inserts are full, cuddly, and fluffy, such as feather-down or alternative-down pillow inserts. They can be made with various materials and fillings – like polyester, yarn thread, polyethene balls,  feather pillow inserts and more. 

To put it in simpler words we can say that, to have a nice-looking pillow – you need the best throw pillow insert. It’s as simple as that.

The pillow inserts you choose make a significant difference in the appearance of the pillows for your living room, bedroom and outdoors. 

feather pillow inserts

Pillow inserts – an absolute necessity

They help create a soft place to land, they add a pop of color or texture, and they can elevate a tired couch or dated bedding to new heights.

There are so many options for the best throw pillow inserts, with great questions about fill material, sizing and more. Learn where to buy my favourite styles, how to choose, how to style them, and even how to clean them. 

best pillow inserts for throw pillows

Pro Tips for Plump and Luxurious-Looking Pillows

Here are a few tips things to consider before your buy pillow inserts for your home 

Size, filling material, fabric, and allergens - all play a crucial part in the kind of pillow inserts you wish to have in your home.

Be mindful of the allergens: 

This is the most crucial factor in selecting the best pillow inserts for throw pillows. If there is someone in your home who is allergic to feathers, has asthma, or has breathing problems we recommend you to choose premium hypoallergenic pillow inserts, preferably with 100% cotton fill and exterior fabric. The best pillow feather inserts may be a great choice in terms of décor and fluffiness but are a health hazard in case of someone with breathing problems. 

They may be a luxurious addition to your home but is definitely a big no for hypersensitive individuals.

Choose the right size: 

Picking the right size of high-quality pillow inserts is important if you want your pillows to look fuller and non-flat. 

We recommend filling your throw pillow cover with an insert that is 1 to 4 inches larger than the pillow cover size Otherwise if the insert is too small, the pillow will look saggy and flat. We recommend filling our pillow covers with down-feather (the best feather pillow inserts) for a full, high-end look. They have more support than polyester or down alternative inserts, so you can easily position the fill into the pillow cover corners for a superb fit. 

What’s inside, matters

Fill material is a not-to-be-ignored aspect when filling your pillows and cushions. The best pillow inserts- so many options and it can be important for your health, lifestyle and personal style. 

Just as the outer cover holds utmost importance, high-quality pillow inserts are equally important. Polyester or poly-cotton are wonderfully filled pillow inserts that are soft enough to be comfortable yet they retain their shape. The polyester siliconized virgin fill will ensure that your throw pillow doesn’t appear hollow. The cotton blend fabric used is breathability and durable. 

high-quality pillow inserts

The finest pick – Polyester Filling inserts 

When it comes to the best throw pillow inserts, Poly Cotton is tough to beat. They fill the pillow with exceptionally plush poly fibres. The material is meant to mimic the loftiness of natural down, but in the context of throw cushions, it might be even better than the real thing.

You can really feel the silkiness and weight of the fill through the cotton-poly shell, and you won't have to worry about feathers poking through the fabric. This pillow holds its shape remarkably well, a perfect choice for creating the coveted hand-chop indentation. The core is even supportive enough for a comfy nap on the couch. 

best throw pillow inserts

Where to order the absolute essentials for your home? 

When you are looking for a pillow, you need to choose the best pillow insert for your needs. Choose the best material and size, and then look at the density and fill weight. Having the right pillow insert is the key to a good night’s sleep. If you are wondering where to get these essentials, Craftsworth is your destination. Get the finest Indoor Decorative Poly Cotton Throw Pillow Inserts from Craftsworth and have a goodnight’s sleep. 

Happy Shopping!