The pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan has a tremendous impact on the country's economy. A country gains identity as well as a significant increase in GDP by exporting pharmaceutical items (Gross Domestic Product). For many years, Pakistan has exported pharmaceuticals. There are over 650 pharma manufacturing companies in Pakistan, with approximately one-third being international. Pakistan pharmaceutical exports contribute roughly 1% of Pakistan's GDP each year. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry accounts for 8% of the global health economy and is critical in addressing current issues.

Pakistan's pharmaceutical export rate:

Pharmaceutical exports from Pakistan have increased in recent decades. According to "Global Village Magazine," pharmaceutical exports totaled $44.4 million in 2003. Total exports in 2019 were valued at US $ 218 million, to reach US $ 250 million by 2021. Pakistan's top 100 pharmaceutical industries account for 95% of market revenues. 80% of the items sold are manufactured in Pakistan. Pakistan's pharmaceutical sector is around 70% complete and satisfies the country's medicinal needs. The market share is divided between national and international pharmaceutical businesses. Since the previous decade, the industry has grown steadily. Companies are now manufacturing a broad range of medications, from basic to sophisticated & highly technical one.

As the government seeks a road to long-term sustained prosperity, pharmaceutical businesses have been discovered to assist Pakistan in export and industrial advancement. According to research, as Pakistan focuses on public healthcare, medication exports from Pakistan might exceed $5 billion in the next years. Pakistan's medical companies exported around 0.9% of its total value in 2019. According to the United States COMTRADE database on international trade, pharma suppliers in Pakistan will export around US 73.84 million dollars to Afghanistan in 2020. Over the previous two decades, Pakistan's overall average export of pharmaceutical items has been at 103 million dollars.

A Glimpse into the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Sector:

Pakistan has around 600 pharmaceutical manufacturing firms that export their products. In growing Asian markets, Pakistan's pharmaceutical company is well-known. Afghanistan, which lacks a pharmaceutical sector, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Burundi, Uganda, Cambodia, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Algeria, and many more countries are among its key customers. According to pharma suppliers, they are like low-hanging fruit that may aid Pakistan in both exports and economic growth as the country seeks to find a path to long-term success. Pakistan's pharmaceutical industry has been identified as a prospective export sector. Over 750 biopharmaceutical companies manufacture high-quality drugs for export.

Pharmaceutical firms that export have DRAP, ISO and other international approvals for their products. Most firms, such as Don Valley pharmaceuticals and GSK, have their products authorized & endorsed by the DRAP & other international authorities in over 50 countries.

Several studies have suggested Pakistani medication export as a viable new export area for the country. Pakistan's pharmaceutical industry is predicted to be valued at more than USD 3.2 billion in 2019, doubling its value in 2011. If institutional sales are considered, the industry expects this sector to swiftly grow to a USD 4 billion retail market. In 2019, Pakistan's total pharmaceutical exports were USD 218 million. According to industry sources, exports from the sector might reach USD 0.5-1 billion in 3 to 5 years. If this threshold is reached, exports may be able to rise exponentially. Milling, granulations, tablet coating, tablet pressing, and other procedures are all part of the drug production process. The quality of drugs is regulated at every level, and lab testing is performed regularly. From acquiring raw materials until the final shipping of the products, the enterprises never disregard the World Health Organization's worldwide criteria (WHO), DRAP & ISO requirements. Injectable, Tablets, capsules, syrups, suspensions, ointments, multivitamins, lotions and healthcare brands all are available.

The top pharmaceutical businesses in Pakistan that are export pioneers are given below.


Don valley pharma is one of the leading medicine companies in Pakistan that has been providing the best of the best healthcare product’s all-around Pakistan & across the globe. Its foundation was laid 25 years ago, with solitary dedication and pure hard work by a team of visionary doctors. Don valley has been a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Lahore and all over Pakistan. The Don valley family has taken a pledge to never compromise on the quality of the product and secure the future. They cherish their people and community, therefore: Don Valley pharma tries its level best to provide the broadest portfolio of 450 plus finest products at a minimum and affordable price not only locally but also globally with the help of 123 distributors in more than 18 countries.

They have a vast range of therapeutic categories such as Cardiovascular, Central nervous system, hematinic, and many more consumer healthcare products resulting in the biggest contribution in Pharma export of Pakistan.

Don Valley pharmaceutical is known worldwide for its unshakable quality standards in all goods and services. They establish long-term ties with their worldwide marketplace colleagues based on mutual respect and faith. Don Valley pharmaceutical is one of the leading pharmaceutical exporters in Pakistan, aspires to fulfill aggressive export objectives while acquiring new chances for product innovation and improvement. They have a global presence through exporting and strategic partnerships and export prescribed medications and over-the-counter (OTC) goods & Health care brands. They work together on product research, technology support, and commercialization. They provide low order minimums, logistical administration, many ways of payment, and very competitive margins, making them an ideal partner with whom to engage. Anti-infective, cardiovascular, oncology, renal, pulmonary, diabetic care, musculoskeletal, neuropsychiatry, vitamins, and many more products are manufactured by them. Many Lahore-based medication wholesalers have also recognized their existence. You may order their products through their websites online.

CCL Pharmaceuticals (Pvt). Ltd

CCL Pharmaceuticals is one of the best medicine companies in Pakistan. With operations in over 14 countries covering South Asia, South East Asia, Central Asia, and Africa, the company offers a wide range of products in key therapeutic areas. Their production facilities in Pakistan and Vietnam produce all major pharmacological therapies in conformity with strict international regulatory standards. Strategic alliances and partnerships have been developed with global and local companies to provide healthcare benefits to the world's population, helping people to live better, more fulfilling lives. Their global expansion has aided the company in becoming a market leader in healthcare companies. They work in various nations, including Afghanistan, Rwanda, Kenya, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Sudan, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, and Uzbekistan.

English Pharmaceutical Industries(EPI)

English Pharmaceutical Industries is a subsidiary of the bin Yousaf Group of Companies, which is active in the pharmaceutical industry and trades abroad. On a bigger scale, EPI produces, develops, and markets its pharmaceutical product. Its products are offered in several countries and are recognized by many of the world's top pharmaceutical corporations. The EPI, which is known for the excellent quality and efficacy of its medications, has committed itself to researching, developing, manufacturing, and distributing novel products with significant medicinal potential for people. Antibiotics, cephalosporin, anti-fungal, antivirals, and antipsychotics are among their best-exported goods.