If you are in the medical or healthcare profession, it is more likely that you have had a night shift already. If not, brace yourself for the most challenging time. This is because you are expected to be mentally active and presentable before the patients throughout the shift. We all understand that a literal shift in the body clock can be struggling, but you have to deal with it even in those hours. 

The best tip anyone can give you is to sleep well before the shift starts and to choose comfortable clothing for it. Simply put, opt for the most comfortable, soft and easy-fit medical scrub set for your hectic shift. If this is the case, we can think of no one else than Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire. For your ease, we have handpicked some of the most popular and comfortable surgical scrubs available online. Read through to know it all. 

Pick 1 - Scrub Set Male/Female Ozone Blue

Nothing can beat the signature collection, can it? Out of this, we have a very trendy medical uniform available online. This set is curated using durable yet breathable material that is ideal for any hectic work environment. Moreover, the ozone blue professional uniform set offers a premium quality skin friendly and easy-fit design. The super soft wrinkle-free fabric makes it perfectly comfortable so you won't even feel it over you. If these qualities aren't enough for you to choose this scrub set any day, rejoice as the double-needle stitching makes it the most durable choice and you can move around freely without worrying about wear and tear. 

Pick 2 - Scrub Set Female Long-Length Aqua Marine

If you've ever worried about the length of every scrub that you choose for yourself. Then this doctor's gown is the saviour. With the classic fit and wrinkle-free fabric, all you have to do is glide around the clinic throughout the night shift. With this length, fabric and softness, you are going to feel super comfortable and relaxed between patients. With deep pockets and a drawcord, you are bound to fall in love with this V-collard trendy scrub set. You can get this limited-edition surgical scrub online from Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire.

Pick 3 - Scrub Set Unisex Red Ahead

Who doesn't like red? We can think of no one. But, the colour is not the only attractive thing about this nursing uniform in Pakistan. From the 4-way 4-ward collection, this unisex scrub offers breathability, flexibility, comfort and a whole lot of style. So, the next time you think about buying scrub suits online in Pakistan, think of nothing other than this one. The quality of the scrubs available is such that they will do every stretch, bear every splash and every drop of sweat with the wearer. Even then, it will come back shining and just like new after every wash.  

Pick 4 - Scrub Set Female Long Length Kosher Pink

Comfortable, breathable and durable. This scrub set comes in a perfect length for females. You can now move around, stretch and work with ease of mind. Moreover, the choice of colour palette is just perfect to bring warmth to your hectic day. Curated using the most lightweight, moisture resistant and wrinkle-free stretchable fabric, this scrub offers the best experience. The V-neck women’s medical uniform available online in kosher pink should be your next pick. Thanks to its durability, you won't have to choose another one after this for a few years to come. 

Pick 5 - Scrub Set Male Carbon Black

The Frontline Uniform's carbon black scrub is everything you have ever asked for. Stitched using wrinkle-free and moisture-resistant fabric that's antimicrobial too. Moreover, the flattering slim cut and double-needle stitching make it the talk of the town. Perfectly placed pockets and the drawstring are also something to admire here. Once worn, you can feel the comfort while stretching, moving or working in any department. Because of its colour and style, it is also known as an operation theatre dress

As a general rule, the medical uniform worn by professionals has a loose fitting and a drawstring to keep them comfortable. The fabric used is breathable, wrinkle-free and durable so you can work on hectic days or long night shifts without worrying. A few healthcare providers also choose to wear a lab coat over a scrub. If you are among them as well, fortunately, Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire has a variety of super soft and durable lab coats as well. To know the lab coat price in Pakistan, visit Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire's online store. 

No matter the look you want to carry, these scrubs are designed and stitched in a way that provides comfort and easiness. You can get surgical scrubs online by simply visiting the brand's online store. Once you have gone through the products, place an order and get it delivered to your doorstep. The qualities we have mentioned, not only make these good-looking scrubs your perfect work partner but also are a need to carry out long and tiring night shifts.