A healthy lifestyle is very important for everyone. Be it youngsters or the elderly, maintaining correct posture requires effort. We mostly don't pay heed to how we sit, stand or sleep. Things come to our notice when the situation gets worse. For example, we initially don't care about our neck posture until we develop neck pain and start using pillows for neck pain. Wrong posture or postural dysfunction arises when we put pressure on our spine in unnatural positions, which results in stress on the muscles, joints and vertebrae. If we stay for a longer time in such a position, it changes the shape of our actual posture. Poor posture can be identified by a potbelly, back pain, forward-leaning head, rounded shoulders, muscle fatigue and hunched back.

Good posture includes a back that makes an elegant S-curve along with effortless body movements. Our sedentary lifestyle and slouching against our body’s natural capacity are the major reasons for bad posture. You should avoid putting extreme stress on your neck, shoulders, back and legs. A few changes in your lifestyle can have a meaningful impact on your body. You can use a knee roll, lumbar supporter, headrest and back stretcher along with pillows for neck support and an ortho mattress. It is all about using the right accessories and some fruitful activities to improve your posture.

Before moving forward, let us tell you some major reasons that can cause bad posture. Following are the most common reasons:

  • Lethargic lifestyle
  • Long working hours
  • Joint and muscle stiffness.
  • No physical activity
  • Poor core stability
  • Awkward body positions for long hours

None of us wants to go through a hard time worrying about our posture. Everyone wants to look perfect, but a deformed body can take away your grace and style. Today we are going to tell you some of the easiest ways to improve your bad posture.

Use Ortho Mattress

Many people don't realize that sometimes their wrong mattress choice can also become the reason for poor posture and back pain. Usually, people don’t pay heed to their mattress choices and compromise their health. Always buy a high-quality mattress to avoid posture problems, sleepless nights and body pain. If you are already suffering from body pain and posture issues, you should opt for the best mattress for back pain or the best gel foam mattress. Out of several brands, we recommend using 'Spine Tonic' or 'Supreme GelCool Memory' by SupremeFoam. The 'Spine Tonic' acts as a spine aligner to maintain the natural shape of the body while sleeping.

Use the Right Pillows

Do you know that a pillow can help you keep your head, neck and shoulders aligned? If you think it has nothing to do with your posture, rethink. Pillows keep your neck aligned with the rest of your body, which aids good posture. It is important to sleep in the right position on the right pillow. You can choose pillows for neck support while sitting or pillows for neck pain while sleeping. If you feel that you have started keeping your head forward or thoracic kyphosis, you need help. Don’t worry, we are not talking about any doctor’s help. You need ‘Good Neck Pillow Cervical’ by SupremeFoam which can position your head and neck perfectly. It relieves your muscle stress and stiffness and provides comfort.

Support Your Neck

While sitting or travelling you should try not to make your neck and spine suffer. If you put any strain on your neck for a long time, it will ultimately cause neck and upper back pain. You must have noticed that sitting in front of a laptop on your chair for a longer period leads to pain in the joining point of your neck and spine. To overcome your fatigue, you will try to keep your neck in a forward-bending position, which will ruin your posture. To avoid this situation, keep SupremeFoam’s Neck IQ Gel around your neck.

Yes, it's great that you are using the best mattress or pillow, but you can use some wonderful accessories at home apart from enjoying your sleep on the best pillow or mattress in Pakistan. For example, you can use a pillow pad while watching anything on your mobile phone to avoid slouching. You can use a headrest while driving. You can use knee pillows while sleeping.

Back Stretching Exercise

Using a back stretcher can help relieve back pain, hunchback, lumbar lordosis or swayback if you choose it wisely. You can use a back stretcher in multiple ways to target your back in different ways to refine your posture. All you need is motivation, SupremeFoam’s Back Stretcher and willpower. Remember, you are the one who can make changes in yourself for your well-being. It is the best accessory to treat your nagging back pain and poor posture. Lay on the back stretcher starting at your upper back and stretch your arms up. Then gradually target the midback and lower back. Do this for 10–15 minutes daily and notice the difference in a few days. You can also link this part with your exercises.

Relax Your Back

If you keep on sitting for long hours in the same position, you will develop an abnormal posture followed by pain. Even students and kids fall victim to poor posture due to their sedentary lifestyle. What should you do? The answer is quite simple, support your back with SupremeFoam’s Lumbar Supporter. You won’t find this splendid product anywhere else. Place it in between your back and the chair to relax your back. Its comfort level will make you fall in love with it.

Hope you liked the idea of using SupremeFoam’s products to improve your posture at home. You have to follow a healthy routine by adding exercises and short breaks on a daily basis. We highly recommend trying their products as they are high-quality and effective. You can also try their other accessories and let us know about your experience.