Using an automation tool with your POS software is an excellent way of enhancing your business. For example, you must employ an automated POS system in your repair shop to perform fast transactions, quick processing, and manage inventory correctly. 

Automating a point of sales software helps you take care of all the processes in your repair business. For instance, you can review your employees’ working hours, process their payrolls, and promptly send notifications and reminders to customers. 

Working in the industry I am convinced that maintaining a good Cell Phone Repair Shop POS System is essential if you want to boost your business and streamline its associated processes. However, in larger enterprises, sometimes you need to get a whole deal more from your system. This is the case of Automation. It means that you need a Cell Phone Repair Shop POS which works in perfect alignment with the automation tool of your choice and understands your standing command for when this happens, do that!

For me, following are some of the most unavoidable reasons to use an automation tool with their cell phone POS system. 

These matter for you too! 

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  • Employee Management

How often do you take into account the quality of management of your employees? For instance, do you keep track if they face issues interacting with the clients, or if their attendance and working hours are truly reflective of their employment contracts?

The thing is that the staff working in your phone repair shop is not less than an asset to you, and any failure on your part in managing them well can make you lose them. 

To keep track of your workers or technicians - their onboarding and training, their work engagement, their commission and salary management and their time logs, ensure that you are using the right POS and if you are feeling any room for more automation in that, try employing it with an automation tool. This way, you don’t have to oversee the employees and make the corrections manually. 

For example, when a new employee joins your repair business, you have to train them in a number of ways: client dealing; sales; marketing; front desk management; technical know-how, etc. There's the potential for things to slip through the cracks—especially if you're the only person running the show and trying to manage everyone and everything onboard.  

A robust  Cell Phone Repair Shop POS System allows you to integrate effortlessly with automations like Zapier, and you can automate your HR processes, connecting the apps you use at work every day to help you manage data more easily. Automation saves you time by taking on some of your more mindless, repetitive tasks and helps you stay organized by making sure information is transferred accurately and regularly.

Other than analyzing the performance of your employees, you can also place an incentive or reward system in which the staff members will get some extra money for their additional hours. Moreover, the automation can help your POS in managing the payrolls effectively. 

  • Effective Communication with the Customers

If you want to set up a notification reminder, the easiest way is to automate the workflow using Point of Sale Software. For example, we take a situation where a customer visits your repair shop to fix their device. Instead of giving them a time or date on which they will revisit you to collect their device, you can set a reminder or an email notification alert through which they will get notified whenever the job is done. 

Using this practice, you don’t have to keep them updated manually. Instead, the automation tool will do all the work for you except the repair job. As a result, you will save time and effort and can utilize that additional time in marketing your business. 

  • Data Extraction

Using an automation tool with the POS system helps you send reports through email promptly. Moreover, you can export files and documents to anyone. Other benefits include setting up the POS to notify your team if the system is disconnected. Use the RepairDesk Software for Repair Shop and automate it with Zapier to expand your business, generate more revenue, and make the processes easier.

  • Reach out to more Users 

Have you thought of a way of reaching out to potential customers other than using marketing techniques? If yes, you can use a good automation tool. A stable automatic tool helps you reach out to your audience by sending them promotional emails, messages, etc., making them your next customers. 

While good POS Systems, like RepairDesk, provide inbuilt marketing automation functionality; for other less strong POS Systems, you can stay in touch with the customers using the automation tool. It will help your business keep the customers engaged with you through several platforms, including email, SMS, social media, etc. 

  • Inventory Management 

One of the things that are most difficult to manage in a repair store is Inventory. When you’re using a powerful Point-of-Sale Software like RepairDesk, obviously You will automatically be notified whenever you are low on stock.

But incase of some other ordinary Point-of-Sale software systems, using just a POS to organize your stock may not be enough. However, if the system gets automated, it will do much better. Using software to manage your inventory helps you reduce the work stress and enhance the chances of its growth. 

Which Automation tool is best for your POS System?

There are a lot of options available in the market. A good POS integrates with them all. It would help automate the workflows of your Point of sales system. And as far as the matter is concerned with what POS can do best for your cell phone repair shop, the answer is RepairDesk POS. And when you automate in with a strong automation tool like Zapier, your repair shop will grow and earn you a lot of profit. 

Final Words

Owning a cell phone repair shop is one of those businesses with great potential. And to effectively manage all the processes involved, you must attach it with an automated POS software. On the other hand, not doing so might not cause it to close, but you will remain behind the competitors. So, get your RepairDesk subscription and avail yourself of exciting offers.